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<p>Hello everyone,</p><p>I have an ASA5510 and it's been running fine for a while now. One thing I notice is, on the ASDM Firewall view, I notice sometimes that the Interface facing the Internet (Outside interface) its showing (  ) n/a - config out o...

lazon by Level 1
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Who knows why the capture command on the asa 8.0 release does capture packets but is not able to display (or export to wireshark) all packets.The command I use (in several variations)capture cap1 type raw-data buffer 33554432 interface outside circul...

Hello.I bought PIX 501 a week ago - since that time I am trying to configure it - looks like I need some help.The question is:I have an ISP RJ45 wire with single Global IP on it.I have a LAN do not have a cisco (or any else) routers.S...

Hello,As per new security Policy(1) any unsuccessful or successful attempts to Core Backbone switches/routers should be logged and email alert goes to Security Team(2) Any config changes including resetting of password should be logged and Email Aler...

nasr.khan by Level 1
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i have two asa 5520 ios version 7.0(8) and i have configured them to work as active stand-by and lan-based but when i wrote "show failover" i found it disabled on the primary one and no replication is done.can anyone help

I noticed that our ASA firewall is showing false SYN attacks. When I look at them, I see such things as our AS400 sending print jobs to a remote facility with an IPSEC tunnel, another example is our PC's connecting to an outsourced content filtering ...

Does anyone knows if PIX Blade will discontinue or be replaced by a new one (similar to IPSEC SPA). We are in the process of investigating for a new project and the hardware is quite old. Most vendors are invastigating in multicore processors.

pavlosd by Level 2
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