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If i already use ACL on router interface and then should i do about the Pre-Block ACL and Post-Block ACL?what router will do the Existing ACL on the Interface?And the name of the ACL used on the router must be in form only?

I have briged the FWSM VLANs ( named DMZ,DMZ-BRIDGE) via the IDSM. However, on the 'show failover' on FWSM the server VLAN shows as 'No Link/Unknown'. Is it because there is no IP assigned. Is it the right status/configuration. Do I need to assign an...

cisco_lite by Beginner
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Hi ,I have a question about ASA which i happen to come across Is it not possible to NAT with logical IP addresses or IP addresses for which physical interfaces are not configred on the ASA.If not then how can i NAT for multiple IP pools of my ISP f...

Hi ,I am using pix515e.I am unable to ping from Inside server to Outside interface but from pix i am able to ping the outside.interface Ethernet0 nameif Outside security-level 0 ip address x.x.x.x!interface Ethernet1 nameif Inside se...

Hi,We have three sites all connected via MPLS running BGP.We are planning to use DMVPN over MPLS for all the above three sites.We want to have hub & spoke topology.We wanted to decide on the routing protocol to be used within the DMVPN tunnel.We want...

We have IPSEC access to the ASA. The users authenticate using username and password. HTTPS has also been enabled on the ASA. We would like to limit remote management access to the ASA. 1)Are the following configurations accurate?hostname(config)#ssh...

saidfrh by Beginner
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Is it possible to password the console port on a ASA5505 so anyone plugging into it doesnt even get the > prompt without supplying a password? Kind of like putting a password on "line con 0" in IOS.I have a bunch of these 5505's I am sending out to ...

I use a external AD database for vpn authentication login.I just noticed by default, asa only allow 3 simultaneous login per account. I tried to login vpn using multiple PCs with same username, but only can login with 3 PCs, as long as I tried fourth...

rico_hao40 by Beginner
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hi, Could you please let me know how to do source address NAT'ing on FWSM.Source IP: interface: DMZ1Ingress subnet: interface: DMZ2Egress subnet: Source IP initiated from DMZ1 should be natted to ...

cisco_lite by Beginner
  • 23 replies
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