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I have 2 ASA 5520s with an ASA-SSM-20 installed in each. The ASA-SSM-20 in the primary ASA is not working correctly:Error: Cannot communicate with mainApp (getVersion). Please contact your system administrator.Would you like to run cidDump?[no]:I wo...

admin_2 by Level 3
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Hello. We are in the middle of building a data center at a co-location facility, and are planning on using FWSM modules in our redundant 6500' to "zone" the network there. Basically what we are being told is that each subnet in this new data center w...

poulid by Level 1
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I have a 1800 router and my ISP blocks port 25 (smtp). I need to configure inspect and port-map esmtp to port 587, but I can't configure this. If i configure port-map on port 587 directly (not port-map esmtp), the applications not works correctly (ve...

Hi,Our remote network users VPN to a PIX 506e. We had an issue three weeks ago, whereby remote users were getting kicked for the tunnel to the 506e. We reloaded the PIX506e and the issue was resolved. Today creating VPNs to the 506e was slow and s...

saidfrh by Level 1
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Test bed configuration consists of Catalyst 6500 and 4255 IDS vith SW version 6.0. The traffic is captured using VLAN capture feature and send to the sensing interface Gi0/0 on IDS. The reset interface is Gi0/3, connected back to the Cat6K. Vlan 140 ...

mplatise by Level 1
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When I configure subinterfaces on an ASA, how does the security level of the physical interface interact with the security levels of the subinterfaces? Can I make the subinterfaces security levels different from the security level of the physical in...

f00f1ter by Level 1
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Not sure if this is the right forum...I have two identical ASA 5520's that were purchased at the same time. I use them in an active/passive failover. This week I noticed that the displayed flash size on the active one was 64 MB and the flash size o...

westcare by Level 1
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Hi all,Our firewall has the default timeout for idle connections and is set at 1 hour.i know i can change this, but my question is this :Is there a way that i can configure the firewall, to have different idle timeouts for for different groups based...