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First off, the hardware: Brand new ASA 5510 7.0(6)I have a very basic setup. One public network, one private network and one management network. I run through the wizards and configure the essentials. For some reason I simply cannot get traffic to fl...

Is it possible to permit users to access remote desktop via webvpn ( through explorer)I know that I can let user access services such as telnet or ssh by enabling port forwadring on PIXBut my question is : Can i let user able to access specific serve...

kh_alex81 by Level 1
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I am using a 3005 to terminate PPTP tunnels. I am handing out ip addresses to the client which are on the same subnet as the private interface. When Windows clients connect with the "use remote default-gateway" deselected (using the local default-gat...

chrish by Level 1
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Hi,Following is the brief setup I have.1. ASA Firewall 5520 (2 nos with Active Standby configuration).2. Two Nos of Cisco 1750 router running HSRP with dual ISP connectivity.I would like to deploy Qos Policy for Internet Traffic and would like to kno...

systems by Level 1
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I have several remote sites with a lan to lan connection to VPN Concentrators at the main site.The remote end is configured with PIX501's.I have moved some of the remote sites to a different peer at the Main site(with a different IP address).In the r...

Iam connecting to customer server using sonicwall global VPN client.When I tried connecting from internal network passing thro? firewall the authentication happens successfully but failed to renew the IP address for the virtual interface and got the ...

Dear AllI have Pix 520, but it didn't provide console access. Pix 520 also contain a floppydisk drive, tell me what is the purpose of this drive, as i don't hv any floppydisket.

Resolved! Pix 501 and VLAN

Hi,Can a Pix 501 together with a VLAN capable switch be used to route internet traffic to and from the VLANs?Hardware: I have a Pix 501 (OS 6.3), and a Linksys SRW2016 switch on which I've created a couple of VLANs.So, is it possible?Thank you,Rune

Hi. We have an NM-CIDS in a 3845. We have a specific issue we need to address on our network and we believe the IPS can help. We are receiving complaints from our ISP that malicious activity (port scanning) is coming from our network. We need the ...

netsec123 by Level 1
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