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Hello,Is it possible to store the ip filters which can be assigned to vpn groups within ACS? I know it is possible to point out a filter via RADIUS which is stored on the concentrator, but I would like to have the filter in ACS. We are having a coupl...

Hi, is it possible to log information about outgoing packets from a specific ip address.. mayby through acl ?? I want to be sure there is no ingoing or outgoing traffic to or from this ip address.. because traffic should remain inside (but before I s...

jaymare33 by Beginner
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Hey,i have a customer that has an IPT installation that are experiencing some quality issues. he has a few dell switches and some old 3com as well. im seeing some issues where the phones are dropping connections as well and even copying data across t...

a.gooding by Contributor
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Topology:LAN--Switch--ASA--PIX--ServerSituation:I am trying to connect users on a LAN to a server. I can successfully ping the server from the ASA. When I try to ping the server from the switch it times out with ".....". The LAN, switch, and ASA are ...

Hi I am trying to create a Site-to-Site VPN connection between a Nortel box and a Pix 525. I am able to get phase 1 up in QM-IDLE status but not able to get phase 2 working. I think there is a routing/nat problem but I am not sure. The inside netw...

nmaio by Beginner
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The IPS is capable of automatic download of signatures from a specific directory.This directory should contain signature files.These files can be downloaded from the cisco website.IDS MC can download these files automatically, so that the IPS can dow...

pvanliere by Beginner
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Hi,I am trying to add a Cisco 1701 with 12.3(14)T2 into IDS MC 2.0. The management center is able to connect to the router on 443 but the following error comes up after 5% progress.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Error : Error importin...

mnlatif by Participant
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I have PIX firewall 506 and have configured site2site VPN with router on other side and also remote VPN on PIX and both are working fine. I want to add another site2site VPN on PIX with another site router can anyone guide me in this regard how to ac...

Hi, we are small network providers. we supply routers, switches, firewalls and also do configurations. now we are interested in big size projects. For that I want to know, what security projects include? please provide me full details about security ...

I am able to telnet in via the VPN using the inside address. The question is how to make this happen without using the VPN tunnel! Would someone please take a look at the current config and tell me what I am missing. I need to be able to telnet in a...

wdelaney1 by Beginner
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