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IPS network Module, need help!!!

Folks, I recently installed IPS network module in my 3662 router. I am having problems making the IPS log anything.When i access the web interface of the IPS, i see only 1 interface available under virtual sensor, the interface is fast 0/1. and...

ntp error

Could someone please explain the following error? When I enable NTP server from our VMS 2.1 server and then deploy the configuration to the 4.1.4 s187 sensor, I receive the message to indicate a failure.Starting to Deploy...No modifications needed fo...

PIX 515 Flash datafile is corrupt.

Hello folks, i have one question: i have a pix 515 with software 6.3(3) and have made a software upgrade to 6.3(5) after the reload i get the following error rebooting.... PIX BIOS (4.0) #0: Tue May 18 16:29:54 PDT 1999 Platform PIX-515 Flash=i28F640...

ksimsimon by Beginner
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Two public IP ranges on one PIX 515

We have an older PIX 515 (running 4.4 software) and have run out of public IPs from our provider. They could not expand our range, so they gave us a second non-contiguous range of IPs. I added a 3rd Interface card to the PIX and configured its new ...

pix in transparent mode

hi group: Recently I deployed pix running 7.0 transparent mode in our network.If I put pix between switches with one vlan,everything is fine.If I put pixbetween switches with trunking enabled,then all vlan traffic is dropped by pix.Does pix su...

ita_hsieh by Beginner
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Problem with ARP and PIX

I have a problem with a new connection that I made for a new network segment which is directly connected to a PIX. The PIX is a 520 running ver 5.2.The workstations and servers are connect to a Catalyst 2950 which is connect to the PIX for the gatewa...

romchik by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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VMS database full

Hi,I have got VMS which is used for monitoring IDS. Previously it was showing the harddisk full so cleared that with the comands as per the VMS help. After that I found a new error message saying that Sybase databse is full. Can you please help me i...

dpsri by Beginner
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PIX 515E DMZ Performance

I have DMZ int in my PIX515E (6.3). I have SSL webserver connected to it. Webserver feeds fairly large images to users on inside int and outside. I had the same server on my LAN before and the speed is lightning fast. When I move it to DMZ the sl...

vantipov by Beginner
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ASA static NAT/Translation

HiI have configured ASA 5510. Everything works fine except for static NAT. Any machines havin translation rules do not browse the net at all. But If I remove the translation rules and use PAT on the interface IP eveything works fine. The same happens...

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