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One of our site offices have a PIX 506E firewall and connectivity through the PIX is all well, except for port 9999. The access-list applied on outside interface (inbound) is below. access-list acl_out line 1 permit icmp any any (hitcnt=5)access-list...

HiIn IPS4255 it was mentioned once you set Auto-Bypass mode traffic will continuously flow in case of software failure, will it forward the traffic in case of HW failure ?

Hi All,A quick question about access-lists. I have a site-to-site link using two PIX 515's. I have a requirement at one end to make a PC-to-site connection to a completly different network. However the network I am trying to connect to is on the same...

I want to request a new SEP or SEP-E modules for my VPN Concentrator model 3015 to be 3060. It seems that i can upgrade 2 SEP-E for upgrading and 2 SEP for redundancy, is this redundancy includes SEP power redundant?. Can you please guide where i ca...

paltel by Level 1
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hi i m facing a problem , whenever i try to access the idm 5.0, after giving the user name and password , it just shows opening-2 , but it never opens. can any one tell me the solutions, i have already checked the cookies and java.

When upgrading from Pix OS 6.3.x to Pix 0S 7.x, Cisco says that the old fixup commands are translated into the new inspect and policy commands.So if I had a line as: fixup ftpthis is translated in something like: class map inspection_default match ...

oxys by Level 1
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We are running 7.0(2) on a pair of PIX 525. We have a syslog server and we are demoing a system that analyizes syslog messages, so we need the PIX to send syslog messages to two hosts. We defined two hosts with the following commands, but discovere...

I have setup a PIX connect to the Internet using a dynamic IP. And I have enable the appropriate IP to access the PIX from outside. But I cannot access the PIX using ssh from outside. I enable debug ssh on the PIX, but only see something likeTCP conn...

guwb by Level 1
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