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I have been trying to get a a configuration (PIX501) allowing inside clients access to the outside and also allowing outside access to an internal smtp mail server. From what I have tried it seems that I cannot use the outside IP address of the pix f...

Hello all,I uploaded a new PDM and new IOS image to my PIX 515. The question I have is, when I reboot the PIX for the image to take effect, will the PIX reboot and come back up automatically as routers do? Or do I need to be plugged into a console ...

timpotter by Level 1
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In performing a port scan (notably with NMAP, but other tools report similar results), I am receiving results which I cannot justify in the access lists/conduits (yes, they have a couple conduits statements still - tsk tsk).The PIX is running 5.3(1)....

rbartels by Level 1
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hi I have a real problem to solve, is it possible and how, to allow traffic between hosts behind pix firewall ? what's the problem ? 1. there are two hosts behind pix - and on the pix is static done (inside,outside) ....static ...

p.dubicki by Level 1
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I have tried, "NAT (inside) 0 x.x.x.x"it's working, but some how outside host cannot access anything behind the pix unless the inside machine start a session to outside first. Any idea why this happen? is this normal?any idea would be a...

tkpsimon by Level 1
  • 4 replies
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Hi Guys,The functionality of the Static Command is bothering me for a while.If anybody could help me out.My Configurations is as follows:Inside Network - Network - following line in my PIX bothers me.static (inside,ou...

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