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Hi,   I'm using FMC to manage 6 FTD's 2100.   When I want to backup their conf : I went to : System/tools/Backup/restore/+Managed device backup :   But the list is empty and I can not add any FTD:( see screenshot please)   Any help please ?

sam cook by Spotlight
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Hello, We have an ASA5506X running 9.6.1. We are currently running a VPN tunnel using: Ikev1 with AES-256, SHA1, and DH 2, and it runs very well. We are considering changing the config to use: ikev2 with AES-256, SHA256, and DH20.   Can anyone tell m...

One of our clients deployed an ASAv in their Azure environment.  I was informed they want to setup a S2S tunnel from it to their physical ASA at their HQ.  I haven't been able to find anything on configuring the S2S tunnel on the ASAv side.  Accordin...

deyster94 by Level 5
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