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Cisco Security Manager - One Default Gateway per DHCP Server Interface Configuration

Hi Community,

we are using the CSM to manage ASA 5510 firewalls. We are running in a problem that we we want to configure differnet DHCP server on two vlan tagged interfaces. We can configure two different DHCP Server Interface Configurations but are only able to set one router (Default Gateway) for all interfaces. That of course makes no sense because one of the networks on the interfaces will never reach the because its not on its subnet.

Weired is that it is possible to set a router per DHCP Server Interface Configuration on the firewall via the ASDM. But this is no solution for us because the next deployment from the CSM will overwrite the settings which we made via ASDM.

The question is now, is this a bug in the CSM which it makes it not possible to set diffrent default gateways (routers) per interface or can somone give us a hint how to configure it correctly?

Thank you for the help!

CSM version: 4.3.0, Build 10021

ASDM Version: 6.3(4)

ASA Version: 8.3(2)

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