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Clarification on FTD and OSPF

Level 3
Level 3

Hi to all,

i have initiated an OSPF process (process 1) on a cisco FTD.

I have created two areas (area 0 and area 1).

As you can see in screenshot 1.

But what i have not understood why there is also an option to add interfaces as the screenshot 2. 

If you have already added the appropriate vlans in the network tab , why is the interface tab needed?

Thanks, Ditter.


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from cisco doc.
You can change some interface-specific OSPFv2 parameters, if necessary. You are not required to change any of these parameters, but the following interface parameters must be consistent across all routers in an attached network: the hello interval, the dead interval, and the authentication key. If you configure any of these parameters, be sure that the configurations for all routers on your network have compatible values.

i.e. we specify two area or more since the FTD is ABR (as I see in screen shot you share)
and we can modify the ospf parameter like cost, mtu ....etc. for each interface and let it as default 


Thanks! So as long as i keep default values for interfaces , there is no need to add anything in this last tab. Correct? 

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