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Complete System Backup of PIX/ASA


I am trying to perform a backup of my PIX 515 and ASA 5510 devices that will include everything including existing user accounts, DHCP configuration etc... Basically everything. While I am able to write the running config to my TFTP server I am not having any luck backing up all configuration settings in the devices. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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John Blakley

What is it that's not getting backed up? Are you trying to get everything in flash as well, or are you having a problem with getting the config itself.



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Are you using ASDM to backup and restore config ?

If yes,through ASDM you can backup everything and restore pretty much everything.what asdm cannot backup is running config.

you would need to us cli for that:

copy tftp running-config

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Hi Sushil,

I will try to explain my problem a bit better:

I create a couple of test users on the ASA and setup a DHCP server on one of my interfaces with a configured address pool. I also assign a static address to one of my inside interfaces.

I perform a backup under Tools, Backup Configuration

I then delete the accounts, disable DHCP and disable my interface.

I perform a restore under Tools, Restore Configuration.

At this point I would expect to see my user accounts, DHCP settings and interface settings restored but I do not.

Any idea why?

Thanks again.

As I mentioned in my previous post,running config. cannot be restored via ASDM.

If you want to see all dhcp setting etc,try

copy tftp run

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I am not very familiar with that command. To get all of my user account info, interface info and DHCP server (including address pools etc) I issue the following command:

copy tftp run

What do I put as the "source filename" to get all of that information? What would the command be to restore the information?

Thanks for your help with this.

Download the TFTP server from here:

-Unzip the TFTP server on a computer on the network

-copy the running config ( saved via asdm ) file in the same extracted folder

-doubleclick on tftpd32.exe

-When you click on the 'show dir' button on the tftp server, the running conifg. file should be one of the listed files

-in the configuration terminal mode of the asa first ping the tftp server computer's ip address (you should be able to get ping responses)

-enter the command 'copy tftp running'

-enter the ip address of the tftp server computer (press enter)and then enter running config file name as the file name (press enter)

-it will ask you 'do you wish to proceed' - press 'y' for yes




"copy flash: tftp:" (at least on ASA) should work just like "copy run tftp:"

If you get all the files in flash copied to a remote system, you should be all set.

What configuration settings get missed when you restore the running config via tftp? At least on the ASA, all config info is in the cfg files.

Is there a way for me to enumerate all of the CFG files on my ASA? Otherwise, is their a tech article that provides the names of all of the files located in my flash?


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