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Determine or verify hotfix version Firepower Threat Defense FTD


We have a firewall installed with the 6.5 track.

Exact FTD version is
FMC version is

I have patched with hotfix "Cisco_FTD_Hotfix_H-"
FMC reports successful installation of hotfix, but in GUI it still says

When I check CLI on FTD, it still says "Cisco ASA5516-X Threat Defense (75) Version (Build 57)"
I can't find a command to verify that the hotfix is installed?




1 Accepted Solution

Accepted Solutions

Go into expert mode on the sensor cli and run "rpm -qa"

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Marvin Rhoads
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

To verify that your hotfix installed successfully, access the Linux shell (also called expert mode) and run the following command:

cat /etc/sf/patch_history

The system lists all successful major upgrades, patches, hotfixes, and pre-install packages since the appliance was freshly installed.


Hi Marvin,


this command only show FMC patch and version but it does not show FTD patch or Hotfix. recently i upgrdaed FTD with Patch and also installed Hotfix on FTD but i am not able to verify the Hotfix on FTD. when i run command   cat /etc/sf/patch_history on FMC Cli then it shows only FMC related version and patch.


is there any way i can verify Hotfix on FTD Cli ?



Thanks in Advance

Go into expert mode on the sensor cli and run "rpm -qa"

Hi Marvin,


Thanks you very much, it realy worked.


 i just entered Expert mode in FTD Cli.


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