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Error when trying to untar cisco FMC virtual vmware image 7.2.4 file

ahmed eissa
Level 1
Level 1

I faced the attached error when trying to open or untar Cisco FMC virtual VMware image 7.2.4 file 

I have downloaded cisco FTD image 7.2.4 also faces the same issue


Image 710.pngImage 711.png

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@ahmed eissa today i have seen many reports on cisco downloading issues and corrupted files. Contact your local cisco team and contact TAC for the same.

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Good luck

Leo Laohoo
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Do not waste any time by contacting Cisco TAC.  Whatever someone did over the weekend is beyond any control of TAC.  This is the fourth thread that talks about corrupted file getting downloaded.  Escalate and reach out to your Cisco Account Manager because this could be something bigger.  

The other threads are:

Most importantly:  

  • DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANYTHING until this is sorted. 
  • If the file(s) have already been downloaded, do not make any attempts to unpack them.  
  • I do not even want to spell out what needs to happen if the file(s) have been unpacked.  

Naresh Ginjupalli
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Issue is resolved with the downloads page. Please refer to this link for more details :

Hi, we have tried downloading ise patches for last couple of days, same issues...looks like whatever they fixed is now broken again??

Can we know since when you are facing this  and what patches have you downloaded ?

Running is 3.1 been trying to download patch version 6  when trying to install patch sha512 check fails doesn't match what's on website

I just validate patch 6 from site and verified md5 and sha512 check and it is returning correct values. I used firefox browser. May be this looks to a be specific scenario. Can you please open SR with Cisco TAC team and they can help you on it. If you already opened an SR please do let me know SR number and I can check on it.

Here are my results on my local MAC:

<>% md5 ise-patchbundle-
MD5 (ise-patchbundle- = 4c1ea24227ec09a2397cced0ecad6c4f

<> % shasum -a 512 ise-patchbundle-
39a0e52ce09233c4b97dbec77bbdc52487aea6525bce7bce422b0a73de3aab203cfe1d9fda23513ff2db080df401bb5868e845e7362ca43c81cfb28a8a86ad03 ise-patchbundle-

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