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how to connect server behind firewall or loadbalancer

can anybody please help me...

i am considering a whole network where all teams works.unix,windows,DBA,security and Networks. i am from networks group.

when we got a problem that particular server is not responding,then every team check from their persepectives.we from networks also check from our end, we are working with MPLS-VPN environment, what we are doing is we try to ping that server ,if VRF's are present in the router then we ping to that server through that VRF associated with the server.sometimes we are unable to ping the server then we check the arp entries of the server and try to check the interface of the server ,if interface of the server is up and connected then it might be problem with the server itself ,os level etc..

my question is sometimes we are  not able to ping that server and also arp enteries are not present for that server in the router.we have firewalls and loadbalancers present in our how we can check that whether the server is behind the firewall or loadbalncer.

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