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PIX 506E and Call Manager v7

I have a PIX506E (version 6.3(5)) that interfaces with our main network.  The main network contains our call manager (version 7).  Behind the PIX506E I have two networks.  One network is for the IP Phones and the other network is for the workstations and an exchange server. 

My first issue was I could only hear voice when the caller from the PIX IP Phone network called to an IP network outside of the PIX.  The caller (PIX IP Phone network) couldn’t hear the voice of the user communicating from the outside of the PIX506e.  I had to configure the PIX not to nat the PIX IP Phone network when communicating with the call manger. By the way I have a 3750 switch behind the PIX that is doing inter-VLAN routing.  This allows me to have the two separate IP networks.

Now the issue is that if we dial the Exchange server from the IP Phone network we get a connect but I cannot hear the voice from the Exchange server.  Same issue as above but now to a network that is located behind the PIX.  There is a SIP trunk setup.

I’m not involved with the call manger or Exchange setup.  I can configure the PIX though.

Any thoughts or help is appreciated.



Kevin Redmon
Cisco Employee

Chuck,  What syslogs are you getting at the time of the failed call/one way voice through the pix (preferably at debug)? Also, please confirm that you have 'fixup protocol sip' configured.  Also, if you are running 6.3(5), you may want to consider upgrading to the latest release, 6.3(5)148 if I recall. There have been a number of bug fixes that have been resolved.  Best regards, Kevin

Hey Kevin.

Thanks for the reply.

I see the connection between call manger and the IP Phone but I don't see anything referencing the Exchange Server.

The "fixup protocol sip" is on.

However, I didn't know there was another upgrade available past 6.3(5).

I will try the upgrade to 6.3(5)148.



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