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I am trying to publish a web site on and access it from when I try to access the server on port 80, I get the following log message: Deny tcp src WAN: dst PRG_LAN: by access-group "PRG_WAN_access_in" but the config looks right to me. can anybody help?

config below:

global (WAN) 2 netmask

global (WAN) 1 interface

static (PRG_LAN,WAN) tcp www www netmask

access-list PRG_WAN_access_in extended permit tcp any host eq ssh

access-list PRG_WAN_access_in extended permit tcp any host eq www

access-list PRG_WAN_access_in extended permit tcp any host eq www

access-group PRG_WAN_access_in in interface WAN

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Level 10

issue on the cli "clear xlate" and try again, also put a line at the bottom of the acl:-

access-list PRG_WAN_access_in extended deny ip any any log

then check your logs.



unfortunatly clear xlate didn't help

and the log information is not showing me anything else.

post the output from:-

show xlate

show access-list

attachment added with output

OK - my ovbservations:-

1) you did get a hit for the http acl for the web server - check your server is actaully listening on tcp port 80

2) You are getting alog of denies - are you trying to access the website via DNS or direct IP

3) Is by DNS check the IP address the url is resolving to is the same as the acl & static nat

4) Try changing the PAT to a NAT:-


static (PRG_LAN,WAN) tcp www www netmask


static (PRG_LAN,WAN) netmask

And re-test.


I can successfully telnet 80 so I believe the server is listening on port 80

My test is to telnet 80 rather than use DNS

I have done a NAT translation as advised but still no look

Where are you testing from, the inside or the outside?

Check your NAT/ACL again

I have tested it from inside and 2 x outside locations but still no luck. I will check the NAT/ACL again.

Thanks for your help

wood for the trees....

the problem was a typo in the ACL. I was putting 82 instead of 80 in the first octet.


np - glad to help.

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