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Routing issue on ASA

Phil Bradley

I have an ASA 5516-x that I noticed a strange routing issue on. I am using RIP routing between the ASA and a 3750 stack which has a management and inside interface. When I powered on the asa I could not ping the inside interface but could ping the management OK. I had forgot to set the management vlan to passive on the 3750 stack so the asa was seeing rip updates from both interfaces and applying the routes to only the management routing table which explains why I couldn't hit the inside interface or really it couldn't get back to me. I turned passive on the 3750 for the management interface and I did indeed stop seeing updates which I assumed would age the routes out and then they would apply to the regular routing table. Using debug, I was only seeing rip updates to the inside network but the routes were still getting applied to the management table even though they weren't being seen on this interface. I powered the device off and back on to see if it would update the correct table thinking this would clear all routing entries. Didn't work. I ended up disabling rip on the asa and reenabling it and it finally updated the correct table. Could this be a bug?

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Syed Taukir
Hi Phil,
If you can reproduce the problem then I think its worth to open a Cisco TAC case.
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