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SNMPtrap delay in sending for ASA

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I am trying find a solution to having snmp trap sent from the ASA, but delayed by 1-2 minutes after the event that triggered.


Background- The ASA is using SLA feature providing redundant backup on 2nd interface connecting to a cellular modem. The ASA is remote tunneling back to me where NMS\trap receiver & server monitors remote devices as well as the ASA itself. I have configured syslog monitor for event 622001 and snmp to send syslog. However when an interface goes down, the trap is instantaneous where as there is a delay in both the SLA to switch to the backup interface, and for the tunnel to reconnect through that backup. I have configured a snmp host in lab here that is outside the tunnel so I am no longer necessarily dependent on that being up


In short, I need an alarm, just cant be sent instantly 

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Hello @seanwaite


with SNMP traps probably you can´t.  However, Netflow allows this with the command "flow-export delay flow-create 10". Make sure Netflow has the trap you need and give it a try.



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