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Updating License & Signatures on ASA-SSM-10

Level 1
Level 1


Does the same options are used to:

updating IPS License and updating signatures on ASA-SSM-10?

Actually i updated license file received from cisco licensing team:

using IDM 6.0 > licensing option > update license > file location:

and I was trying to update signatures using same options (as i dont find seprate options to update signatuers) but it gives error:

Invalid license etc.,

could anyone guide.

Thank you.

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Nicolas Fournier
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Signature upgrade are seen as software updates and not as licenses.

Once you have downloaded the latest signatures, you can install them either from the CLI:

Or from the device manager:




Thanks for your reply, unfortunately links are not working " forbiddin link"

Try them without the "partner" part of the URL.  You usually have to be logged in to see the partner links.  These links should work either way.


Device Manager:

Hope that helps.

- Mike

Naveen Kumar
Level 4
Level 4

In the Update Sensor pane, you can immediately apply service pack and signature updates.

Update Sensor Pane Field Definitions

The following fields are found in the Update Sensor pane:

Update is located on a remote server and is accessible by the sensor—Lets you specify the following options:

URL—Identifies the type of server where the update is located. Specify whether to use FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, or SCP.

://—Identifies the path to the update on the remote server.

Username—Identifies the username corresponding to the user account on the remote server.

Password—Identifies the password for the user account on the remote server.

Update is located on this client—Lets you specify the following options:

Local File Path—Identifies the path to the update file on this local client.

Browse  Local—Opens the Browse dialog box for the file system on this local  client. From this dialog box, you can navigate to the update file.

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