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Cisco Catalyst Micro Switches – Small but Powerful

Cisco Employee

Today we are proud to announce the Cisco Catalyst Micro Switch series – a family of three switches featuring 4xGE POE+ downlinks, dual fiber or fiber + copper uplinks, in ultra-compact and fanless form factors. These are ideally suited for various FTTx applications for our enterprise customers.


Silent and Tiny

The micro switches are built quiet. With no fans or any other moving parts, these switches can be deployed close to the end-user, in enterprise or even healthcare settings, where low noise level is critical. They also have longer MTBF and require less frequent hardware maintenance.


The micro switches are built small. The desktop model (CMICR-4PT)* is 45 x 152 x 135mm (1.77 x 6.00 x 5.29 inches) in size - almost 60% more compact than the next smallest switch in our current portfolio. The duct mount models (CMICR-4PC / CMICR-4PS) are our smallest switches yet. Measuring at only 45 x 90 x 79mm (1.79 x 3.54 x 3.10 inches), they can easily fit into cable ducts, ceiling boxes, and various other enclosures.





Standardized Design for Exceptional Fit

The duct mount switches (CMICR-4PC / CMICR-4PS) conform to the MOSAIC 45x45 standard, which allows direct mounting into compatible cable ducts without any accessory. It also allows our customers to reuse the existing mounting accessories in their infrastructure, saving them both labor and cost.


A power-connector adapter is available as well for deploying or reusing power supplies with phoenix-style industrial 3-pin DC connectors. Updating your infrastructure has never been easier!


Enterprise Grade Security and Management

The Catalyst Micro Switches run on Cisco IOS Classic, and incorporate many of the same enhanced and integrated security features customers depend on to protect information and infrastructure.

  • 802.1x authentication
  • IPv4 first hop security
  • Trustworthy Solutions

The series also supports a wide range of network management solutions as well:

  • Cisco DNA-Center
  • On-box CLI
  • Third-party management through SNMP

Furthermore, these switches can participate in your Cisco Software-Defined Access (SD-Access) deployment as fabric extended nodes, and support various assurance & automation features with optional Cisco DNA license subscription.


And One More Thing

The desktop switch (CMICR-4PT) is the first of its kind to feature 120W power budget and two USB-C ports capable of supplying up to 60W to charge laptops and phones. But no, it does not come in rose-gold.


For your FTTx applications, the Cisco Catalyst Micro Switches are just what you need, right where you need it!


*The duct mount switches are orderable now, and the desktop switches will be available at a later date.


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