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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Fourth-generation Long Term Evolution, or 4G, is the fastest commercial mobile WAN service available. Now, your smartphone and tablets aren’t the only devices able to harness the power of 4G!

More and more Enterprises and Government Agencies are using 4G LTE to quickly add an affordable backup network, and gain true network path diversity for branch routers for enhanced business continuity.   Others are using 4G routing to provision new offices, mobile sites, and temporary locations within hours or days, not weeks or months as with wireline services. And others are “connecting the unconnected” using 4G routing to connect “things” to the network such as sensors, fleet vehicles, and important assets.

To take advantage of 4G LTE technology, customers need a modern router with a 4G LTE WAN interface connection, and a 4G LTE data service plan with an associated subscriber interface module (SIM).

To help Enterprises and Government Agencies quickly gain 4G routing advantages, Cisco and Verizon have teamed to deliver a new line of Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISR) enabled with Verizon Wireless 4G services to support critical Business Continuity and IoT projects.  

How will you place your bet?

By embarking on your 4G wireless Business Continuity or IoT project, Enterprises place a BIG bet with project success on the line. As with any bet, there is risk. Risk of project delays, cost overruns, lack of solution extensibility, or worst yet, the risk of project failure.  Companies can’t afford that risk.

To learn more about Cisco and Verizon have done to mitigate 4G routing project risk, and to learn about Cisco and Verizon integrated 4G routing products and services, design guides, industry applications and customer success stories please visit

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