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DNA SD-Access: Network of the Future

Cisco Employee

What is SD-Access?

Imagine being able to bring Software-Defined, fully programmable, fabric-based network Automation and Assurance to your Enterprise Campus, WAN and Branch network environments... with built in Group-based Security + Segmentation and Quality of Service!

The new Cisco DNA Software Defined Access (SD-Access) combines the Campus Fabric and IWAN overlay solutions with Cisco TrustSec, into a common API-driven GUI ecosystem comprised of DNA Center: APIC-EM, ISE, NDP and others.

Read more about the Business Benefits of Cisco SD-Access.

The SD-Access solution can be summarized by the following attributes:

  • CVD / RNA based network design
  • LISP based control-plane overlay
  • VXLAN based data-plane encapsulation
  • CTS / SGT based policy management
  • NDP based fabric assurance
  • APIC-EM based fabric automation

The SD-Access solution will work on the following platforms (FCS 1.0):

  • Catalyst 3650 and 3850 (all models)
  • Catalyst 4500-E + Sup8E/9E and 4700 Cards
  • Catalyst 6807-XL + Sup2T/6T and 6800 Cards
  • Catalyst 6880-X or C6840-X (all models)
  • Catalyst 9300, 9400 and 9500 (all models)
  • Nexus 7700 + Sup2E and M3 Cards
  • ASR 1000-X or 1000-HX (all models)
  • ISR 4430 or 4450 (all models)
  • Cisco WLC 3504, 5520 or 8540
  • Cisco AP 1800/2800/3800 (Wave 2)

Want to Learn More?

Cisco SD-Access Solution Overview

What should I be doing?

1. Focus on refreshing the Access & Core

2. Start getting familiar with DNA Center

4. Ask your SE to engage Cisco Services


Email alias ask-sda-pm "" & ask-sda-tme "" doesn't work.   I got an undeliverable message

Cisco Employee

Hi Brian.

Sorry about that. It turns out that those mailers are internal-only. I was asked to keep messages here in the Cisco Community (and remove those from the post). So anyway... feel free to ask me directly.


Great Article Shawn, there are many innovations going on to have the integration of DNA C with SD-WAN and SD-Access while i guess Cisco ACI policy plane is already integrated.

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