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Euro17 LSO Hackathon Next Week

Cisco Employee

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The next iteration of MEF's LSO Hackathon series is happening next week in Frankfurt, Germany. The Euro17 Hackathon, like previous MEF LSO hackathons, is an accelerator for various OpenLSO and OpenLSO projects aimed at creating reference implementations of the LSO architecture and APIs being standardized by MEF. Participation in the hackathon is free and open to everyone, not just MEF members. The spirit is very collaborative with emphasis on getting people from different companies, open source projects, and standards efforts working together toward the following set of shared goals.


Acceleration of pace and relevance of MEF LSO APIs and standards

  • Validation of evolving APIs/standards
  • Feedback into technical committees
  • Create SDN controller plugins, interface with LSO orchestration solutions

Collaboration across SDOs and Open Source communities

  • Increased awareness, open discussions
  • Support for LSO APIs in relevant open source projects

More running code

  • Sample code
  • Reference implementations
  • Utilities, test tools

The list of projects for next week is as follows:

  • LSO Sonata R1
    • Service Provider ordering integration with OpenDaylight Unimgr via Presto
    • Potentially start integration with ONAP
  • LSO Presto R1
    • OpenCS Packet WAN OpenDaylight Unimgr
    • OpenCS Optical
  • LSO Analytics via PNDA
    • OpenDaylight, ONAP, OpenStack, Cisco ASR 9K as producers
    • Sample apps consuming PNDA data

Additional details on the projects and information regarding registration can be found on the Euro17 Hackathon wiki. Hope to see you there!

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