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Fixed IP for each location

Hi all

i have 40 spots (40 Ethernet cables for computers coming out from switch) and i want each of these spots to have fix IP which means if i swap the computer the IP of certain spot remain the same.

example : at spot 30 i have IP address of so even if i change the computer at this spot i want the new computer to have same IP that is

like i want to know the IP address of each of the 40 locations/spots and i want it to be fixed. it shouldn't change with putting new machine at same spot . is something like this possible ?

if yes what Switch or device would i need to do that?

currently i am using sf220-48 port which i think is layer 2 switch


thanks is advance..

VIP Expert

You can do with DHCP MAC Address to IP static reservation, make sure when you replace the device note the MAC address and upgrade DHCP records. ( or when the new device added to port capture the mac address and ammend to DHCP table - so when the device reboot it get new StaticIP)


This is the best way approach i see to achieve this.



You cannot (despite the other comment) as the IP address is determined by the device not the switch. 


My understanding is that you want to replace the device on spot x with a new device and for it to have a predetermined address for that spot. 


You can can have all devices set to get their addresses from a DHCP server and effectively 'fix' the address they get by using reservations based on the devices' MAC addresses. 


A cleaner solution is just to give the devices fixed addresses based on their target location, and when you move one away, clear the settings, so you get no conflicts. But if you do not have access to the device to fix the address (perhaps an IP phone), then reservations are the only alternative. 



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