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Live #CiscoChat December 15th – The Importance of Wireless in Hospitality

Cisco Employee

No matter where we go, we’ve come to expect a seamless wireless internet connection at our fingertips — and this is especially true for hotels, casinos, cruises, convention centers, and the like. What’s more, we don’t want just any Wi-Fi connection: We want the best, fastest Wi-Fi connection possible. Little surprise, then, that excellent Wi-Fi is one of the most visible services those in the competitive hospitality industry can provide.

For guests, inconsistent signals, complicated log-in procedures, and a lack of support for new mobile devices are simply frustrating. But for hoteliers and other hospitality operators, these Wi-Fi weaknesses aren’t just an annoyance. They’re positively worrisome: They compromise the guest experience and risk customer loyalty.

How can the hospitality industry address these Wi-Fi challenges through innovation, while also ensuring a high level of data security for guests? To find out, tune into our next #CiscoChat, on Thursday, December 15th at 12 p.m. PST. There, we’ll be joined by @BlueprintRF as we’ll talk about improving the guest experience through personalization (think ordering systems, in-room media, and lighting), hospitality mobile apps, guest satisfaction analytics, and issues in cybersecurity. We’ll also provide some practical options for your Wi-Fi deployment model. Don’t miss out!