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Mark your calendars and book your travel now, the Open Source Summit North America will be in Los Angeles, CA September 11-14. The summit is essentially the combination of what were previously LinuxCon, ContainerCon, CloudOpen, and the Open Community Conference. You no longer need to pick and choose and travel the globe; rather, we all benefit from coming together under one roof for a fantastic learning and networking experience.

But there is a catch. Yes, there is always a catch. You are now left with the difficult task of selecting from a packed schedule of fantastic presentations and hands on workshops. While daunting at first, this is actually a good problem to have with multiple options that all make good use of your time. Since I have the pen, let me take this opportunity to selfishly plug the three sessions in which I am speaking.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 11.05.13 AM.png

Get Hands on with Containerized Deployment of OpenStack - Charles Eckel, Cisco DevNet

Monday September 11, 4:00-4:40pm

Hearing a lot about OpenStack and want to check it out for yourself? See how quick and easy it is to install and start using OpenStack using containers that run within a VM on your laptop or within a sandbox. OpenStack Kolla provides production ready tools to deploy OpenStack services as Docker containers that can be managed and upgraded easily. To help you explore Kolla and OpenStack, we provide access to a VM with a containerized deployment of OpenStack Mitaka and step by step instructions. Acquaint yourself with the environment. Learn your way around Horizon (GUI) and the CLI to view and operate your OpenStack cloud. Best of all, take what you learn with you and experiment on your own to discover all OpenStack offers you.

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OpenDaylight as a Platform for Network Programmability - Charles Eckel, Cisco DevNet

Thursday September 14, 2:45-3:25pm

Software Defined Networking (SDN) may have started as the separation of the control plane and the data plane, but the true power lies in the ability to communicate with the network through well-defined and interfaces using standard protocols. This session provides a brief intro to SDN in general, and more specifically to OpenDaylight, an open source platform for programmable SDN. Next, we dive into network programmability, including why we need it and the role of NETCONF, YANG, and RESTCONF. Then we put the theory into practice as we install OpenDaylight as use it a platform for programming a sample network.


(Really!) Outside the Box: Cisco’s Open Source Journey - Panel Discussion

Wednesday September 13, 4:00-4:40pm

Not used to hearing Cisco and “open” used in the same sentence? Wondering why Cisco is investing as heavily as it is in open source technologies? If you answered yes to either of those questions, this panel is for you. Join moderator and Linux luminary Ed Warnicke along with panelists Serpil Bayraktar, Rohit Agarwalla, Anne McCormick, and Charles Eckel as they discuss the various areas of Cisco’s involvement in the open source ecosystem. They’ll be covering Cisco’s involvement in and contributions to,, OpenStack, Kubernetes/Cloud Native, and much more. The panel will also discuss how Cisco’s contributions and involvement in open source technologies are key components in its future strategy. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about Cisco DevNet (, Cisco’s developer resource hub that offers learning labs, forums, sandboxes, API and code libraries, hackathons, and much, much more. The future is open and Cisco is moving forward to embrace it with (you knew it was coming) open arms.

You can view the entire Open Source Summit schedule here.

Register now, then follow the links above to start building your personal schedule.

I look forward to seeing you at the summit. In the meantime, feel free to add any comments or questions here, on twitter @eckelcu, via email, or better yet, by clicking on the icon below to be become a new member of DevNet!

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