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Michael Zsiga

Global Scale Network Design!

We are talking about Network Design but at the Global Scale! What do you need to think about? What questions should you be asking? What are the most important design decisions, for a Global Scale Network?

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You’ll Learn

  • How is Global Scale Network Design Different?
  • What should you care about at this scale?
  • What questions should you be asking?
  • How do Applications and Services work Globally?
  • What is a good way to provide internet access within each region?
  • Hear real-world lessons learned from multiple Global Scale Network use cases.
  • What are some of the issues with Data in different regions of the world?
  • How do we include Cloud and SD-WAN into the design to simply operations?


Global Scale Network Design Care abouts!

In this section of the show, Malcolm and I discuss the different items that you as a Network Designer should care about to make proper network design decisions at the global scale. We start our discussion by defining what is a Global Scale Network and how should we break it up into manageable segments. We then talk about two key network design elements, internet access, and data management. As we dive into these topics, each region and a number of companies in the world have compliance standards around data management, like data sovereignty. These are critical design elements that you have to understand to be successful here. Finally, we compare how each of these topics would be designed in each region of the world.

Global Scale Network Design Lessons Learned

In this section of the show, Malcolm and I discuss the different lessons learned from a Global Scale perspective. We discuss what has worked and what hasn’t worked, since we’ve tried it and it failed horribly. Then we compare a number of specific design use cases to include Cloud, SD-WAN, and Automation. Finally, we discuss how we should properly manage the different regions, with their own unique Network designs moving forward.

Global Scale Network Design Recommendations

In this section of the show, I ask Malcolm what are his best practice recommendations for Global Scale Networks. Then we discuss how we can take SD-WAN and other Software Defined Technologies to help us solve these Global Scale Design Decisions. Finally, we go into some details on how you can be successful with a Merger/Divesture Design Use Case at the global level.


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