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(Podcast) S8|E46 Upgrading Cisco Prime Infrastructure to DNA Center

Amilee San Juan
Cisco Employee

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It’s been several years since the release of Cisco DNA Center, and it’s matured into a complete network management system, an automation and orchestration engine, an AI/ML analytics platform, a software-defined network controller and an endpoint identification and policy engine for zero-trust networking.

Cisco DNA Center can streamline operations, make your team more agile and provide an improved user experience on the network. It’s definitely time to migrate from your old Cisco Prime Infrastructure, the question is: How do you reduce the cost and time you spend on this migration? More specifically, how can you verify that Cisco DNA Center will support the hardware devices and software currently installed on your network? What about use cases? Will you have to change your company workflows because the use cases in Prime Infrastructure are not supported in Cisco DNA Center? The same for reports, if Cisco DNA Center does not provide the reporting your team is used to, you may have to change your IT Team workflows. And finally, how long will the learning curve be, and what effect will this have on your team’s productivity?

Tune in to this episode to learn more about the migration program that answers these questions and gives you what you need to upgrade to Cisco DNA Center without an excessive investment in cost or time.

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