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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

FY18 has been a busy yet successful year for our development team.

  • In Nov 2017, we released pyATS for the first time to customers through Cisco DevNet
  • In Jan 2018, pyATS was showcased and called out at Cisco Live! Barcelona as the next big thing

And today, we are proud to announce the next milestone in pyATS: v4.1.0

What's New?

  • support for Python 3.5/3.6
  • self-disabling plugins
  • new flag that generates HTML-based log files (-html_logs)
  • new class-based processors (similar to context managers) in test scripts
  • new platform-agnostic, pluggable, multi-protocol file transfer utility

and plenty of bug fixes.

To upgrade your current environment, try:

pip install --upgrade pyats

Let us know via the support mailer if there are issues!

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