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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

There are various versions of Prime Infrastructure out there, and upgrading to 1.3 may get a little confusing.  I hope this document will make this transition a little easier.


Here is some information that should help from the release notes:

If your existing system   is...

Download this point patch file

Cisco Prime Network   Control System 1.1.0 (


Cisco Prime Network   Control System 1.1.1 (


Prime Infrastructure 1.2   (PI



Once the “existing” version has been updated to the right patch as per the matrix above, you can then load the following patch to upgrade to 1.3:

(Look for  “PI-upgrade-bundle-” – last row in the list).

Related Links:

Release Notes for Cisco Prime Infrastructure, Release

Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.3 Quick Start Guide


Cisco Prime Infrastructure Deployment Guide

Cisco Prime Infrastructure Aligns Network Management with Converging Operation Priorities

If you are run into any version that is not covered here, please leave a feedback and we will update this document.

Kyujin Choi
Level 1
Level 1

pi_1.2.1.12 seems like PI 1.2, which is current updated version. I implmented 2 weeks ago with same file, it was PI 1.2.

Am I missing something?


Level 1
Level 1


Has anyone tried to upgrade from PI to 1.3?

Do I still need the patch?

As I can see I only need the patch first if I have PI

When I upgrade from PI it stops at stage 2 of 7 with this message:

% One or more required rpm´s not found in the bundle

Any suggestions, anyone?


Kyujin Choi
Level 1
Level 1

If I were you, I will wait until April 2013. This is what I got from TAC last week.

"PI 2.0 is tentatively scheduled for April release and there's no ETA yet on 2.1"

Level 1
Level 1
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
@ a.hallberg:
"One or more required RPM's not found in the bundle" means that when CARS unpacked the tar.gz file, stuff was missing.  That's usually a bad download.  Can you please make sure
that the md5 checksum matches after the download?  If you still see the same issue, you
should open a TAC Service Request to get this resolved.
Level 1
Level 1


Hi, thats correct. It was a bad download. I noticed just after posting my comment here .

I´ve now sucessfully upgrade to 1.3. No patch needed if you go from

Thanks for your reply!

Level 1
Level 1


Thank you for the information!

I have problems with upgrading secondary NCS in HA pair from to 1.3.

The upgrade stops on the step 3.

       Stage 3 of 7: Executing pre-install ...

     % Pre-install step failed. Please check the logs for more details.


     "High Availability is enabled. High Availability must be removed before attempting i


Because Primary NCS failed, I do not have an opportunity to remove HA config from primary NCS as it is recomended in documentation.

When I execute ncs ha remove on Secondary NCS I can see the following

     NCS2/admin# ncs ha remove

     High availability configuration will be removed

     Do you wish to continue? (y/N)  y

     Removing secondary configuration will remove all database information

     Do you wish to remove high availability configuration from primary? (y/N)  N

     Attempting to remove only secondary configuration


After that I can still see the HA configured on Secondary NCS (ncs ha status).

      [State] Secondary Lost Primary [Failover Type] automatic

Is it normal situation?

How can I disable HA on Secondary NCS?

Stefan Bartels
Level 1
Level 1


have you seen in the release notes that there are several issues (see

Open Caveats section) regarding High Avalablity on PI 1.3?

Level 1
Level 1

Hello, Stefan!

What exact caveat do you mean?


High Availability registration failed.


Secondary backup - ERROR [system] [main] Problem zipping file:


Primary process failed after failback


Failed to start Prime Infrastructure on primary Prime Infrastructure after attempting registration with secondary.

the Secondary Prime is 1.2 version and is not upgraded to 1.3 yet.

**Note from my experience:

to perform the 1.2 to 1.3 upgrade, you have to SSH into the server, and as admin, CD into the directory you want to pull files from your ftp server - into... Then perform your FTP function. It took me a while to figure this one out. Darn!

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