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How to setup an End to End service using different packages

Hi All,


I'm new to NSO and Service Building using Yang. I aim to build a service which would gather several packages (let me know if i'm wrong). i can not figure out how to proceed. Let's take the good example of a L3VPN in a multi-vendor network. From my understanding, i should consider to create a package per type and brand of device involved in the topology but also build packages related to the config components which are mandatory to build the end to end service. Meaning that each item in the diagram attached should be a package. Do you agree with that?

That being said, how would you proceed to create a link/hierarchy between packages? Meaning for example that the BGP, RD/RT packages should be called by the VRF package within the Yang model.

Thanks in advance for your help,






Cisco Employee


Hi @Jerems,


I'm not sure if you ever received a suitable answer to this. I know you did solve another discussion you posted, Yang Model Compilation syntax error: illegal keyword. I asked around for you regarding this question, but no one stepped forward, unfortunately. This is a busy time of year for many, though. If you still need help on this one, I encourage you to keep looking, perhaps requesting a short 1:1 with an expert in NSO (I wish I was one, but alas, not yet).


If you have answered this question, can you please share it with the community? If you do, you can mark it as solved, as well. 


We appreciate the discussions you bring up here!

Hi Alex,


Thanks for your reply. I found my way through this issue by understanding how to use the path statement accordingly (Yang Model Compilation syntax error: illegal keyword). As i am new to NSO and all the stuff that comes with, i sometimes miss some good mechanisms...That said, my company purchased some PS to go further in the development of our services. However, i think that is relevant for my own knowledge to post some questions here ;-).

Again, i want to achieve a design where a top-level service would recover some customer inputs that can serve a couple of bottom services. Those bottom services will then be able to interact with each other if needed.

I will keep this question as is at the moment and wait until someone has hopefully some time to answer it. I guess it is a quite interesting one ;-).


Thanks again for your reply