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Managing ENCS with NSO

My company is beginning to develop a new edge device solution for our business units based on the ENCS platform.   Alot of these devices will be at remote or customer sites where we won't have easy access to the management interface locally.   You can say my network is more service providerish.   Initially we were told that DNA-Center was the way to go for what we want to do, but we are beginning to find that it is lacking the ability to do certain things remotely.   Is it worth while to begin looking at what NSO can do for us?    The main things we are looking to be able to do is manage the ENCS remotely and use an ISRV to connect into our network (sometimes through a single IP)   There is a Single-IP-Mode within NFVIS, so I was hoping that NSO supported that functionality.  We would also like to easily and and remove VNF's (ASAv, Linux, etc) without impacting the device operations.   Is something like this even possible?


KJ Rossavik
Cisco Employee

The NSO vBranch Core Function Pack (CFP) is a component for automation of Cisco SD-Branch. It is primarily targeted towards (Managed) Service Providers. The CFP is a TAC supported product which can be used to build SD-Branch automation solutions. It aims to provide 80%, leaving 20% to be provided by AS, partners, or built by the SP themselves. This means lower development cost, shorter development times, and shorter TTM.

The vBranch CFP features include

  • Large scale
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Plug-and-play (PnP)/Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) of NVFIS devices such as ENCS
  • NFVIS upgrade
  • Spin-up of Cisco and 3rd party VNFs, including day-0/bootstrap configuration and service chains
  • Day-1/n configuration of Cisco and 3rd party VNFs
KJ Rossavik
Cisco Employee

The NSO vBRanch CRP supports the Single IP feature of NFVIS. It also lets you add remove VNFs in service chains without impacting other VNFs in the chain.