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netsim iosxr device: info Failed to connect to device poi1: connection refused: null

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


I have created a netsim device. The NED is iosxr. I have changed RSA keys and I managed to do 'ssh fetch-host-keys' with success.

Then, when I do 'check-sync', I get "info Failed to connect to device poi1: connection refused: null". What can I do about that?

This happens both on MAC and CentOS.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Did you connect to the device first and then do a sync-from?

No, I did not do that. Do you mean connect to the device like this:

BFINNEMA-M-K25H:tdc-cpe bfinnema$ ncs-netsim cli-i pe1

admin connected from using console on BFINNEMA-M-K25H

BFINNEMA-M-K25H> enable


I still get this:

admin@ncs(config-device-pe1)# sync-from

result false

info Failed to connect to device pe1: connection refused: null



I am using the "Standard" ios-xr NED like this: ncs-4.7.2-cisco-iosxr-7.7.3.signed.bin.

I am wondering whether netsim iosxr devices work only with the cisco-iosxr ned that comes embedded with NSO?? Just a thought..

If you have the tail-f cisco-iosxr NED you should be able to create and connect/sync-from to netsim devices without an issue. If the package is loaded correctly and you followed the NSO guides on netsim, it should work.

Did you configure your authgroup correctly? If you used special characters, perhaps add quotes between the configured password in the authgroup such as "password123!" if there is special characters.

IF everything is configured correctly, I can demonstrate how it works on my end just to show you.

Thank you very much for the response.

I have not used any special characters in the password in the authgroup. My netsim ios devices work well. I have the issue only for iosxr netsim devices.

I have received some instructions on how to setup netsim devices, which I will review to make sure I did everything correct. I will get back to you if I need a demo. Thank you for the offer.

No problem! Let me know.