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NSO 5.2.2 : SSL peer shut down incorrectly (with java 6 client caller)

I have NSO 5.2.2 running on my server.


When I make a call, from a client server which use java 1.6, to my NSO service via Restconf.

I get this error : SSL peer shut down incorrectly.


When I change the java version on the client (and force it to use java 1.8), it works fine.


And also, it works when I call another NSO server (with NSO 4.6) from the client server (with java 1.6).


How can I make this work without upgrading the version of java on the client server? Is there any workaround?



Cisco Employee



I do not know what how the Java version of your RESTCONF client has anything to do with NSO. However, if you are running NSO 5.2 on Java 6, that is not supported. The current requirement is for Java 8 or higher.


Moreover, I would recommend you to move away from Java 6 as it is officially not supported by Oracle since Dec. 2018.



Answering to myself, maybe your error message is not NSO error but in your client? If that is the case, it may well be that Java 6 SSL implementation does not match RESTCONF requirements. One option that I think about is to user RESTCONF over HTTP (no TLS which is not recommended but possible in NSO) or to play with the ncs.conf file to find a TLS/SSL version or algorithms that would work.

I don't know if the problem is actually in my client.

But, when I make a call from the same client with java 6 to :

- NSO 4-6 server : I have no problem, it works fine

- NSO 5-2 server : The problem occur on this version


May be, I have to make some customization on my server with NSO 5-2.


I think that your proposal to deal with ncs.conf file is a good idea.

How can I change the TLS/SSL version on the ncs conf file?


Thank you again.

Hi Roque,


Thank you for replying.


My NSO is running on java 8. :)


My RESTCONF client is just a call to an https (port 8888) url.


Here is an example of my RESTCONF URL :;status-info.

I have 2 servers running NSO (the first with 4-6 version et the last one with 5-2).


Suppose that the same service is on the 2 servers.


When I call the URL above from my client server (which is running with java 6):

- it works for the first one (server with NSO 4-6)

- and does not for the last one (Server with NSO 5-2)