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NSO - Memory Configuration for vertical scalability

Alejandro Madurga Ainoza
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi all,

first post on the community!

I'm trying to understand how the product scalates, horizontally and vertically, from the vertical option, I'm guessing what are the steps to do to enable more memory on the APP, ie upgrade the memory from 8GB to 32GB, is it necessary to configure the java memory parameter somewhere? same goes for the CDB? is it necessary to change any config to flag the app that there is more memory available?


Thanks in advance!

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Jan Lindblad
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

It is not uncommon that you need to expand the ceiling for the Java VM. You do that by meddling with the NSO java-vm configuration, or by permanently changing NSO's Java start script. Whether this is necessary depends on how many and how memory hungry NSO packages you have running in Java. Note that many NSO packages may be running in other VMs (python, erlang) or require no VM. NSO itself (which includes CDB) will allocate more memory from the OS with no particular limit, unless you set one e.g. using Linux ulimit.

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