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Use my NSO loopback service thru the API ?

Hello Community

I do have the next basic service in my NSO which create a custom loopback.  Using the CLI works well
admin@ncs(config)# my_std_mgmt_loopback TEST_FOR_CISCO_COMUNNITY device my_sw loopback-intf 77 ip-address net_mask
but I would like to use this service and create a loopback thru the API. Is that possible?  Can you give me an insight ?
NSO version: 6.1

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Check out the NSO Postman collection HERE this will show you how to create a loopback, edit the loopback and also delete the IP and the loopback itself via the API.

Hope this helps.

thanks for that. Im able to create the loopback using RESTCONF. However how can I consume my service thru the NSO API?

The specific method that you use to consume a service through an API will depend on your programming language of choice and your preferred development environment. Which is that?

Im using python and request module to make API calls


See the new $NCS_DIR/examples.ncs/development-guide/nano-services/netsim-sshkey/ for an intro example. Used by the NSO Getting Started Guide!developing-and-deploying-a-nano-service
There are corresponding Python requests RESTCONF and CLI showcase variants too in the example.

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