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Service discovery using NSO

Cisco Employee

Do you need to discover services in your network?


If the answer to this question is “yes” then you may have an easy solution through NSO (Network Service Orchestrator). Cisco Advanced Services has developed a NSO-based package that makes it easy to discover services defined in your network.


What are the supported Platforms?


Any services defined in your brownfield network which has an equivalent NSO service can be discovered. This package supports services defined in a multi-vendor device network.


Available Features:


  1. Open architecture: supports service discovery for multi-vendor device networks.
  2. Follows the ETL framework: Extract, Transform & Load discovered service instances into NSO.
  3. Fully re-usable discovery service that performs the Extract & Load.
  4. Customized XSLT transformation that maps device configurations to service instances.
  5. End-user actions to perform Discovery, Validate, Preview & Import discovered instances.
  6. Auto-reconciles the discovered service instances once they are imported.
  7. Extensible YANG model to support customizations.
  8. Flexible tool to handle discrepancies: Identification of non-standard configurations.
  9. Reduced development time minimizes cycles spent on discovering services in the network.



For further information please contact the Cisco Advanced Services team, Syed Ziaullah (, Solution Architect, Manish Jain (, Director Software Integration and Orchestration and Filip Marest (, Business Architect


1 Comment
Cisco Employee

Thanks for sharing. Very useful.

So this method would work only for service-types where service-instances don't span across multiple devices?

Also, I wasn't able to full-screen the video in the browser, had to download the mp4.

Also, an XSL file needs to be provided to do the transformation from the device-configs to the service-instance config. Is it at all possible to deduce the reverse-mapping from the service's creation-mapping? And not having to craft a XSL file? For simple service mappings?

There was a reference to java/python based discovery. Are there further enhancements coming?