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Ask the Expert: Troubleshooting on Cisco DWDM - NCS 2000 Series

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This topic is a chance to discuss more about the installation, provisioning, operation and best troubleshooting practices on Cisco Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) transport systems, with particular focus on NCS 2000 series. This session will provide you with a better understanding of the installation and troubleshooting practices of the initial setup of DWDM networks, RAMAN calibration and OTDR tracing that helps to enhance quality of RAMAN installation.


Enhance your installation practices and troubleshooting skills and reduce down time during maintenance windows with tips and recommendations from Cisco Technical Experts. 



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Ask questions from Monday, April 2nd to Friday 13th 2018


Featured Expert

 Valery-photo.pngValery Kayukov is a System Architect Engineer with over 1 decade of experience in the It industry. Currently he works as a Lead System Engineer at the Step Logic Group LLC. Valery specializes in Optical Transmission Network, SAN Networking and Storage and Computing technologies (DWDM, SDH, OTN). In addition, he has experience in network programmability particularly on C++ and Python programming. Valery holds a Bachelor’s degree in Networks and Telecommunication Systems and several certifications such as, CCNP, CCDA, CCDP and Brocade - BCFP, BCFD among others. 


caamador.jpgCarlos Amador is a Technical Support Engineer with over 6 years of experience in the IT industry. He works as a HTE and Teach Lead for the Optical accounts of Telex, Mexico’s biggest communication company. Carlos specializes in Optical Transmission Network technology (DWDM, OTN, SDH and Sonet. Before Cisco, he has worked over a decade commissioning and integrating Optical and Microwave networks in Nortel and Axtel. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in electronics and communications engineering. 


Valery & Carlos might not be able to answer each question due to the volume expected during this event. Remember that you can continue the conversation at the Optical Networking Category.  


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What are the instructions for changing the default IP Address Range on VLAN1 for the RV345.  Wish to use an IP Address Range for VLAN1 different from the default.



Could you please share the best practices to configure a six-node WXC-based mesh network ? I’m looking to create DWDM circuits

Hello Francisco,
The best way to design network is using Cisco Transport Planner (CTP).
if you already have inventory, then make a list of it and design your network based on it.
Span losses and service demands between nodes will be handy in designing.
if you don't have hardware inventory yet, you can use CTP (Cisco Transport Planner) and design the network using default options, the tool will pick the best options for you and later you can tweak it depending on the network cost budget.

Following things will be a good start.
1. Cisco Transport Planner tool.
2. Inventory list.
3. Span losses and distance. (OTDR reports)
4. Service Demands.
5. Future growth (to select a 40 channel system, 80 channel system, and 96 channel system).

options you have for WXC based ROADM system is:
SMR2 . (this is the best available option, considering your 6 node network demand)

Please elaborate your questions and queries to understand the need, have a good time :-)

Good day


There is any webinar or video recording where I can learn more about DWDM.



Level 1
Level 1

Is there any document describing the NCS 2000 400G card PRE FEC rate ?????


In 200G card data sheet both pre-FEC and post-FEC is mentioned but in 400G card only post-fec is mentioned.

Level 1
Level 1

Is there any document describing the NCS 2000 400G card PRE FEC rate ?????


In 200G card data sheet both pre-FEC and post-FEC is mentioned but in the 400G card, only post-FEC is mentioned.

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Level 1

We upgraded from WSON software ver w/WXC etc last year and currently running 11.0.0 Flex Ver. with SMR9's on the NCS2K.

Recently tried creating an alien wave and the option is no longer available. Noticed there is an LMP option but could not find any clear instructions if this is needed in order to create. This will be a 200G alien wave - 32 Baud rate. Can you let me know how can i create this now?

Some time after 10.62 (it might be 11.0--I'm familiar with 11.1.12 ), you are required to create LMPs on the add/drop endpoints to build a circuit.  This is done in network view.  When you upgraded, LMPs were automatically created for any existing circuits.  You can see these in the same window where you create them.


Network view, Provisioning, LMP, Create, Local TXP/OCHNC, choose the endpoints and the WSON optical characteristics.