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Backhauling? what does this mean?


Hi all,


I am a newbie to the networking world and I was just wondering if someone can explain to me what the term BACKHAULING means.


In layman terms please, I have also had a look at google images and this still confuses me.


Thanks in advance 

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Marvin Rhoads
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In addition to the telecommunications-related citations mentioned by @balaji.bandi, we often use the term backhauling to describe forcing traffic to traverse a path that's not optimum so that we can put it through certain services at a remote location. For instance, forcing a branch office's Internet traffic to go back to the main office for enforcement of security policy and logging rather than directly out via the local Internet circuit. 

Hi Marvin,


I still don't understand this - can you explain this in a more simplified form.



Consider this scenario:

You have a head office and remote branch offices. All sites have Internet connections. All remote branch offices have site-site VPN to the head office (maybe it goes via the Internet circuit, maybe it's MPLS or some other private line - doesn't matter).

Traffic from a branch site is destined for the Internet. We force that traffic to transit the head office instead of going directly out the local connection.

That's backhauling.

Thanks Marvis, this defiantly makes sense to me now. :) 

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