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Boss / Secretary on CallManager 4

Hi everyone,

Here is my scenario:

I have a Ip telephony network with cisco 7912 and 7960 with a CM 4, I need to configure the boos and secretary phones, the boss has a 7912 and the sec has a 7960. here is what need to be done:

The boss can´t take any call from outside or inside the network, just from his secretary, all his calls must to go to secretary first.

So, the secretary takes the call and then tranfer to him. But when I config, the call goes to the secretary, but when she transfer the call, does not ring on the boss phone but rings back on her own phone as the second line.

The other configuration I did, the secretary can transfer to the boss, but all the calls rings on both phones devices, I need to ring on only the secretary´s.

Boss ex: 2006

Secretary: 2008

Cisco Employee

Hi ,

it looks like you are implementing the IPMA feature in CUCM.

In essence there are three partitions: Managers, Cisco IPMA, and Everyone.
and 2 Calling Search Spaces (CSS): CSS-M-E (Managers, Everyone) and CSS-I-E (Cisco IPMA, Everyone).
(obviously this can be customized based on the existing infrastructure)

The idea is that regular users will have a CSS I/E and as such they will hit IPMA.
IPMA will intercept the call and redirect to the Assistant.
The assistant in turn has CSS M/E on the proxy line.  As such she'll be able to dial the Manager (since the manager is in the manager partition).

Note there are 2 modes to deploy IPMA:

proxy line support

shared line support


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