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Call manager installation and SQL server

CCM installation

after installed the OS updates, it is win2000-2-6-sr4, I begin install sql server2000, everything

is default.

then I begin install CCM-3-3-4-sr2.exe

I was told that "pub/sub error to access the sql server, for more detailes, go to c:\install\log\dbinstall.log"

I open that file, dbinstall.log, that seems an ODBC problem, but I tested the ODBC connection, no problem.

I tried many times, the problem is still there.

(for SQL server authentication, I use mixed windows and SQL server)

is there anybody know this issue?



Hello ,

what do you mean by installation sql server 2000.For callmanager install you need not install SQL 2000 separate.This is installed during callmanager install.So all you need to do is put the hardware detection cd and after that put the os disk and then just put callmanager cd.This will take care of SQL 2000 also.

Also CCM-3-3-4-sr2.exe is just a service release for callmanager.It is not the callmanager install cd.



Thank you very much for reply.

what I do have is all the downloaded files from, I don't have any CDs.

I am not sure which file is CCM installation file and so many files there, I don't know what is the installation order. Can u help me for this ?

Thanks again

you cannot download the latest Callmanager disks from CCO.The only softwares that are aviable are service packs for callmanager.

The usuall procedure is

On Cisco specified platform.

1.Put the hardware detection cd.

2.put the os disk

3.Put the ccm installation disk

4.Install all the service packs.

I hope this helps.

See the below link for detail



Thanks a lot

I am still confused some of my friends install CCM success without that CDs, what they do have are only that files downloaded from

If you have just callmanager cd yes you can install the CCM on any server ie without the hardware detection disk and the os disk.

As far as I know you cannot download the callmanager software from cisco site.It is only service release and the upgrade software.



I just provide the error info, pls help me as you can. thanks

when I install the CCM(I think it is), the error display

"Database Access Failure"

Pub/Sub Determination failed. Please gather c:\program files\cisco\ciscoupdate.txt, c:\install\dbinstall\dbinstallxxx.txt, and c:\temp\sql.txt and provide to TAC"

this is the contect of dbinstall000.txt

10/21/2004 00:47:22.109 |-->CRunCommands()

10/21/2004 00:47:22.140 | CRunCommands() Path to csv file: C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\pft12.tmp\\blank.csv

10/21/2004 00:47:22.171 | CRunCommands() Found CGetReplicationStatus

10/21/2004 00:47:22.171 |-->CGetReplicationStatus()

10/21/2004 00:47:22.171 | CGetReplicationStatus() COM is not initialized. Initializing now.

10/21/2004 00:47:22.187 |-->CReplication::GetDatabaseInfo

10/21/2004 00:47:22.203 | CReplication::GetDatabaseInfo ERROR: Failed to connect to datasource: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified

10/21/2004 00:47:22.203 |<--CReplication::GetDatabaseInfo

10/21/2004 00:47:22.218 |-->CReplication::GetReplicationStatus

10/21/2004 00:47:22.218 |<--CReplication::GetReplicationStatus

10/21/2004 00:47:22.218 | CGetReplicationStatus() ERROR: Unknown error

10/21/2004 00:47:22.218 | CGetReplicationStatus() Uninitializing COM.

10/21/2004 00:47:22.218 |<--CGetReplicationStatus()

10/21/2004 00:47:22.218 |-->CGetLocalServerName()

10/21/2004 00:47:22.218 |-->CDBInstall::GetLocalServerName()

10/21/2004 00:47:22.468 | CDBInstall::GetLocalServerName() Local ServerName=[www]

10/21/2004 00:47:22.468 |<--CDBInstall::GetLocalServerName()

10/21/2004 00:47:22.468 |<--CGetLocalServerName()

10/21/2004 00:47:22.468 | CRunCommands() Server Name: www

10/21/2004 00:47:22.468 |-->CGetHighestCCMDatabaseName

10/21/2004 00:47:22.468 |-->CDBInstall::GetHighestCCMDatabaseName()

10/21/2004 00:47:22.468 |-->CDBInstall::DBConnection()

10/21/2004 00:47:22.468 | CDBInstall::DBConnection() [Driver={SQL Server};Server=www;Database=master;Trusted_Connection=yes]

10/21/2004 00:47:22.953 |<--CDBInstall::DBConnection()

10/21/2004 00:47:22.953 | CDBInstall::GetHighestCCMDatabaseName() [SELECT name FROM sysdatabases WHERE name LIKE 'CCM%' ORDER BY name DESC]

10/21/2004 00:47:23.640 |<--CDBInstall::GetHighestCCMDatabaseName()

10/21/2004 00:47:23.656 |<--CGetHighestCCMDatabaseName

10/21/2004 00:47:23.656 | CRunCommands() ERROR: GetHighestCCMDatabaseName() failed.

Hin Lee
Cisco Employee

What type of server are you installing it on? Please provide the model number.

List the steps you are taking (preferbly from a blank hard disk) and don't forget to mention the title of the disks or software.

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