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Can I enable preview mode on Cisco Customer Collaboration Platform?

Please note I am new on Cisco's collaboration track and it is the first time I post here

We have a rather unique requirement within our business. We are running Cisco PCCE 12.6 and have integrated the Cisco Customer Collaboration Platform(CCP) onto our installation of PCCE. While we use the Outbound Option Dialer for specific types of leads, we are also using CCP to prioritize our customer initiated leads. Most of our business users have unique processes where they need about a minute or 2 to preview the customer information on CCP before connecting to the customer.

From what we see, CCP does not have preview dialing mode, or any mode out of the box, unless I have missed something on my perusal. What we would like to know is, if there is a way in which we can enable or workaround this or even delay call connection while the advisor is profiling the customer?

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