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Cisco Meeting Server licensing

Hello. Could you help me with such issue:
We are installing cms servers.
We have 2 licenses:
R-CMS-K9 Virtual Edition Cisco Meeting Server (CMS) 2 null
LIC-CMS-PAK Cisco Meeting Server (CMS)
PAK 2 SW-CMS-2X-K9 Cisco Meeting Server (CMS) 2.x Software image 2
LIC-CMS-K9 Cisco Meeting Server (CMS) Software Release key 2
And 1 recording license:
CMS-RECORDING Cisco Meeting Server (CMS) Recording and Streaming 1
LIC-CMS-PAK Cisco Meeting Server (CMS) PAK 1
LIC-REC-STARTER Cisco Meeting Server (CMS) Recording one Port license 1
LIC-CMS-REC-PORT Cisco Meeting Server Recording or streaming one Port license 2
CMS-REC-STARTERKIT Cisco Meeting Server Recording & Streaming SW Starter Kit 1
We have 4 cms servers. We want to configure 2 callbridges, 2 recording services, 3 xmpp, 3 database. How we have to install licenses? How could we upload 2 license files on 1 cms server (they have one name cms.lic)?

When you request licenses for CMS, you have an option to input the MAC address of interface A from each CMS, you'll then get a license file to upload to each server.

Hello Patrick


Could you please help me with such issue.

If I have R-CMS-K9 license and also license for recording and license for PMP, license for SMP, how could I consolidate them in one cms.lic file?


And if I have 2 callbridges in a cluster and upload on one of them cms.lic file with PMP, SMP, recording,    and Callbridge inside and on the second one only cms.lic with callbridge inside, will my first server share PMP, SMP, recording with the second one? Do I need to have identical cms.lic files on both servers in my cluster?


Thanks a lot.


Best regards,

Vladimir Grigorovich

When you claim your CMS licenses and asked to input the MAC address of interface A, you have an “Add Device” option to input the MAC addresses from multiple servers, you’ll then get a license file for every MAC address you provided. Unfortunately you can’t consolidate or claim multiple CMS licenses at once, but the system recognizes if you’ve already claimed licenses in the past for a MAC address, the license file you download will contain all existing licenses and as well as any new ones.

Hi I would like to know if meeting server have license demo for costumers


Best Regards

It does but the request needs to come through your SE/AM. Demo licenses are not provided directly to the customers.

Nipun Singh Raghav
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"

Thanks we have account manager but i dont know
who my account manager need to write to get the licenses

They should be able to reach out to CMS BU and request the licenses.

Nipun Singh Raghav
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"

Ok thanks i get it
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