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CME redundancy & failover with SIP phones

Hi everybody,

Does CME support redundancy and failover to a second CME with SIP phone like Cisco SPA series.

I know that CME has a redundancy solution for SCCP phones.

The configuration for SCCP phones is done with:


  ip source-address port 2000 secondary

I understand this solution like this:

Each phone receives two CME servers in the configuration and if the first is down the phones automatically registered to the second, without manual rebooting. If the primary CME is back the phones automatically switch over to it.

Is that right?

Is there a similar configuration for SIP phones?

In the "voice register global" you can configure only one "source-address port 5060" for IP address and port of SIP CME.

There is a solution to configure HSRP between the 2 CME and use the virtual IP address for SIP CME, but I think that in this solution you need manually to reboot the phone to be able to register to the second CME.



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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

SIP phones do not support many features of SCCP phones. So it is better to avoid them.

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