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Conductor Restore and Backup on a new appliance

Jasmine Misal

There was a fan bad in our conductor and got a RMA system from cisco TAC. Is there any instructions on how to replace our current conductor with our new conductor? Is it as easy as a backup and restore?

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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Conductor has a backup and restore feature under Maintenance, from there you can back up your old server and restore it to the new one, you'll also need to transfer the licenses and obtain new keys using the Cisco Licensing Portal.  Since you've already contacted TAC for the RMA, you can always ask them for assistance as well if need be, if you still have the case open.

If you need any more help, suggest you move this post to the TelePresence section of the forums where these devices are actively discussed.  You can move you post by editing it, and then changing the categories at the bottom of the page.

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