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***CUCM Search Options***

Hi Everyone,

I'm having trouble searching for phones and their locations. We have a growing UC infrastructure, Each day 100 new phones register and I want to them

catalogue. We have several thousand phones and phones register, unregister and sometimes are unkown daily. The question is: Is their away to search for phones in each site wereby it gives you registered, unregistered and unknown phones at the same time. I have been using RTMT to search for phones by IP Address, they problem is that I can only search by specific ip address 192.168.* and I want to search 192.168.10-19.* but it doesnt work.

Please take a look

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***CUCM Search Options***

I think the generally accepted way to do that has been to grab a list of devices via executesqlquery and then loop through and feed them in batches to the serviceability api via selectcmdevice to get the registration status, ip address, etc.  Be sure to read the xml dev guide section regarding large clusters and this api.  You'll probably want to save it to db and develop a gui which allows you to filter your search by subnet or whatever you need. 

However, if you're using 9.x then there may be another option for you.  I've read about it but haven't tested the new AXL change notification stuff.  That may be easier to setup for you.

***CUCM Search Options***

I not that familiar with any programming language at all. Are there any ready made program available or an easier way of doing it. IF not can you let me know what I can learn inorder to do this.



***CUCM Search Options***

I'm not aware of any canned applications that will do this, but I'll take a look and see what I can do.  No promises on how long it'll take.

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