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CUE 8.6.9 save messages to .wav or .mp3 file

Michael Durham

I am the admin on my CME 12.0 and CUE 8.6.9.  I have a new job that requires me to take statements from clients in recorded format and forward the conversation to the home office. 

I have configured Live Recording and it is working correctly.  When it comes to the part of the call that I need to record, I can.  The problem is, I need to be able to EASILY download each call recording into a .wav or .mp3 format that I can then forward to the home office.  I CANNOT just forward the VM to the office through CME as I am not connected to their phone system.

Looking of this forum, I was unable to locate any information on how to do this easily.  One post said to go to CME_IP_Address/ciscopca but that does not work on my system.

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