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Deploy Service URL Button

Stefano Amici
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Level 1

How can i deploy a specific service on most phone with the same phone button template with URL Button?

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Level 3

I believe you have to make a new phone button template per phone model. In that phone button template you have to add at least one Service URL item.

I know that but how can i deploy a specific service to that button on more phone?

I don't understand what you are trying to do. It sounds like you already know how... you create the phone button template, assign the phone template to the phone you want to have the Service URL, then go to that phone in ccmadmin and add the service to the phone

(You have to add the service to the phone and then add it as a Service URL... there are 2 steps in the phone management page).

ok you're right but i should subscribe the service on 300 phones; i know that BAT can subscribe one or more services but can't link the service to the phone button.

Oh, this is a deployment question. I see... well, unfortunately, I have no idea if this can be deployed automagically. If BAT can't do it, your only outlet is AXL.

I looked briefly at the AXL WSDL and it doesn't seem possible to do it here either.

Only option I know of is to use the executeSQLUpdate command through AXL.

I have successfully used this in AXL SOAP,

I have a tool to do the trick,

it will replace all services that were subscribed with the newly stated ones though.

drop me an email:

do you mind divulging how you add those items with AXL?

Is it updateSQLUpdate?

Note that updateSQLUpdate is avail in CCM5 only.

through AXL you can add services,

you can give the button index and label as optional parameters which then places the service on that button!

But can you add an HTTP Speed Dial?

or as they are more appropriately known, HTTP Service URLs.

If you mean URL button, yes.