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Expressway C and E CSR

Hellow Experts,

We have installed Cisco Expressway C and E and done the basic configuration including CUCM discovery. Now it is the turn to make the CSR and Install the certificate. I have Purchased Standard UCC SSL Certificate from Go Daddy (2 Certificates).

I made a CSR from Expressway C (which has an FQDN it contians only the FQDN of the Expressway C. I given the CSR to Go Daddy and Downloaded the certificates.

Appended the CA Cert on the Expressway C and Installed the server certificate from Go Daddy.

Problem 1) Even after these I am getting the certificate error while I am accessing the web interface of the Expressway C.


Also I generated CSR from Expressway E (whcih has an FQDN of it has SANs and

Problem 2) While I am trying to request a Certificate from Go Daddy for Expressway E I am getting the error  "You can not add a SAN that is the same as the domain you are already using."

Your kind support is greatly appriciated.

Thanks and Best Regards


Slavik Bialik
Rising star


1) If you can, please send me the Expressway FQDN in private message, so I can look at it and see what is the issue with your certificate.


2) You'll have to contact GoDaddy's support and see if their team has a workaround for it, maybe they can sign this CSR for you, because you won't be able to, they have some policy they applied when signinning certificates apparently. If not, you can go to DigiCert, a very good company I worked with, and they can sign certificates like that from experience.


By the way, why did you waste money on signing the Expressway-C server? I'm always signing Expressway-C in some internal root CA, and in Expressway-E I'm uploading this internal root CA certificate for making trust between the two Expressways.

Hello Mr. Salvik,

I Manged to fix the problem. I just ignored the warning and continued with fulfilling the request. I did not remove any SAN from CSR or edit it.


For more information: I was getting warning even when I removed SAN and just continued with


Thanks a lot for your time.



Hello Lisensi.

Is that using godaddy ssl ?

thank you



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